5 Reasons To Choose To Reuse and Grab a KeepCup Today

5 Reasons To Choose To Reuse and Grab a KeepCup Today - Evolve Organic

We all love to get our daily caffeine fix. At the cafes, we've practically got caffeine running through our veins, so we’re not suggesting you give it up! But perhaps it’s time to start looking at some alternative options to the standard takeaway cups. 

Introducing - KeepCups!

Thankfully after the ABC’s War on Waste documentary, many Australians realised the severity of the landfill issues that come with disposable cups. The biggest concern was perhaps the inability to recycle these cups. Great news for us Brisbanites, it turns out that in Brisbane we indeed CAN recycle our cups:

“Note for coffee drinkers in the ACT and Brisbane: 
Councils in both of these cities have advised CHOICE that they have contracts with waste services providers who can recycle plastic-lined cups and they can be put in recycling bins. This does not apply in other cities.”

…but that disposable cup still carries a few other concerns with it like extra energy usage to keep producing a single-use item and the fact that most cups are still never recycled.

Here are 5 reasons to consider swapping out your disposable for a KeepCup today:

1. You'll be making a difference every time you drink coffee

You may not be convinced that you're making a difference by reusing, but you most certainly are! After your 15th coffee in a KeepCup, you start saving water, trees and energy. KeepCups just require a simple lather and rinse so you’ll be helping to minimise a considerable amount of wasted resources every time you use your cup.

2. Taste is never compromised

At Evolve Organic, we were very specific in choosing the glass KeepCup range for two reasons - 1) We love that glass doesn’t leach any toxins - hence why all our juices are stored in glass - always, and 2) Drinking out of glass tastes much better than out of a plastic cup. We had to choose a range that we were happy to drink out of ourselves.

3. They maintain the heat of the coffee

One of the most common reasons we hear people choosing disposable cups is because it keeps the coffee hot. That’s a fairly good reason! Now you can get the benefits of the heat-storing qualities in a new, eco-friendly option.

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4. You’ll have a direct contribution to minimising landfill

With an estimated 1 billion disposable cups being used by Australians every year, we have to take responsibility for our environmental impact. Single-use coffee cups are now estimated to be the second-largest contributor to waste in Australia behind plastic bottles. And while coffee cups are confirmed to be recyclable in Brisbane, there’s still so much confusion around it. And sadly, most cups still end up in the waste.

If 1000 people took a KeepCup to their local barista daily, that would keep 365,000 cups from landfill every year!

5. You get discounted coffees when you have a KeepCup

We want to help you help the planet. If you bring your own cup into the Evolve Organic cafes, we’ll give you 20 cents off your coffee! Let’s give a little love to our environment and reduce our waste one coffee at a time. P.S...the discount applies even if you bring in your favourite mug ;) 

5 Reasons To Choose To Reuse and Grab a KeepCup Today - Evolve Organic


Pop into any of our three locations - Teneriffe, Rocklea and North Ipswich, and pick up a KeepCup. The prices are $30 for a regular size and $32 for a large. And to top it off, your first coffee is free ;)


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5 Reasons To Choose To Reuse and Grab a KeepCup Today - Evolve Organic

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