About us

“What would happen if everybody ate lots and lots of fresh organic food that was minimally processed? I think we’d have an epidemic of health.”


We provide a variety of fresh, organic food and drinks to help people be the best and healthiest versions of themselves (without saying no to cake!).

We have a knack for knowing what amazing flavours go well together and love getting creative in the kitchen. Making such delicious food that our customers love is what drives our passion.

The Evolve story began in 2014 as our first location opened its doors – a small juice bar nestled in the back of the antique store in Teneriffe. The customer feedback was incredible, but everyone just wanted MORE healthy options so the little juice bar quickly grew to selling food and eventually outgrew the antique store. Evolve moved to a larger location in Teneriffe where excitement for the healthy options continued. In 2016 came our second cafe in Rocklea, and in 2017 our third in North Ipswich. Being spread out has shown us that healthy choices are in demand across all these areas. People just want an easy way to access quality food.

It’s our mission to provide more options to eat wholesome, plant-based foods without feeling like you’re missing out on your favourite meals. We do this by regularly updating our menu so you can try a variety of amazing meals and also hosting cooking demos so you can learn our insider secrets to making food for yourself.

We want to raise the bar in the world of health food showing you how delicious food can be without the use of animal products.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, come in and try it for yourself.

Find your nearest location here.

The absolute BEST juice cleanse I've ever done. The juices are all delicious and super fresh (even the primarily vegetable ones!). I found the program easy to follow and not once did I feel hungry or tired. On the contrary, by the end I was energised and brimming with life. Communication with the staff ran smoothly throughout and nothing was too difficult for them. I would highly recommend the Evolve Organic juice cleanse and was overall very happy with the whole experience. Will definitely be doing another again in the near future. Danni T Dismiss