Dare to Evolve

Welcome to Evolve Organics! 

The quick version (the expresso)

Over the next few days Press’d Café at Commercial Rd Teneriffe will become ‘Evolve Organics’. We are still the same people and friendly staff and still passionate about bringing organic and plant based food from our current base at Teneriffe. 

To meet the growing demand for wholesale organic cold pressed juices in Brisbane we have moved the juicing part of our business (Press’d) to a new location. Our juices will continue to be made fresh and be available from our Teneriffe cafe (Evolve). With more interest in our juices we moved the juicing off site to ramp up and improve on our ability to supply more businesses and cafe and what better location to do that than our friends from Buchi Kombuchai. Sharing equipment and location with Buchi Kombucha means we have also reduced our collective environmental footprint. 

The long version (grab a juice)

Our story started with a passion to make a difference. With 3 children we want to set a good example, live long and thrive., we want to leave behind a world that gives back rather than just takes away. Diet and nutrition are critical to promoting health and longevity, and we also felt the environmental benefits of plant based eating was impossible to ignore (see the movie Cowspiracy) . When we became interested in changing our diet to plant based and organic we had very few options when out, healthy, sustainable food is just not accessible as it should be. We wanted juices that weren’t just highly processed and treated, we wanted smoothies that weren’t just sugary and frozen, we wanted breakfast and lunch options that were nutrient dense and organic. 

Instead of complaining about this, we decided to play a part in providing the solution. So thus, Press’d was formed in 2014. We started off in a small 20m squared café inside the Commericial Road Antiques centre. And within 4 months relocated to our new home on the corner of Commercial Road and Arthur Street We bought the worlds best cold pressed juicer to keep up with demand.

We steered away from the usual wholesales and supplies that look after cafes and restaurants and instead teamed up with Brisbane’s biggest organics home delivery providers, Home Fresh Organics. Our focus was on quality food with the idea that is simply better fuel for our bodies. 

Press'd is about to get a slight makeover, and just as we have evolved, so has our café name. The café will now be named ‘Evole’. We believe that we know more now about the benefits of eating a plant based diet, food , and humans, really have evolved (just look at the new food pyramid) What might have been convenient and profitable 20 years ago might not be the best choices for us today, nutritionally or environmentally as our population explodes! And yes Melbourne’s Pressed Juicery moved up to Brisbane in 2015, these guys are awesome and we would love cold pressed juice stores to be on every corner in Brisbane but it made it a little confusing for our customers as we are unrelated. 

Finally we wanted to make a small dent in the food world by focusing on health benefits, food that helps you thrive and feel great after eating it. 

We are proud to be a part of a movement that is emphasizing better health through nutrition. 

Jon and Mel and the amazing team at Evolve

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